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Plot In a post-apocalyptic wasteland,  a group of women, the Wild Ones, have taken over a farm town. They dress as men to get a better living. The leader of the Wild Ones is the general,  ; women choose leaders , they can give orders to their own people and to outsiders. The general is in charge of all the men and women in the town.  The town is ruled by the general and her mother,  ; she is the queen of the town.  Although the town is governed by the queen, the queen is the only one who has anything to do with the outside world.  The general has power over the people, but the queen has power over the town. On one  evening, an adolescent boy arrives in the town  and asks for shelter.  The people of the town  welcome him in  and give him a bed to sleep in.  Soon, the boy gains the trust of the people.  He is a friend to the people and they treat him like one of their own.  One day, he introduces the  queen to his older brother,  who is the leader of a group of rebels in a nearby town.  When the general and the queen find out about the group of rebels, they find out that the boy is working with them and tries to have him killed. The group of rebels move in and save the boy. One of the men in the rebel group takes an interest in the queen.  He tries to  seduce her to gain power.  When the rebel leader  catches the queen and her lover in a room,  he kills her lover and claims the queen as his.  The queen is shocked and wants to punish the man who killed her lover, but the rebel leader intervenes and tries to calm her down. The rebel leader tells the queen that she will be better off with him.  He gives her a new name,  and takes her as his wife. He gives her  power over him and makes sure she is under his complete control.  Although he is the leader of the rebel group, the queen has  power over him. The rebels  have a plan to end the tyranny of the queen and her mother.  The general  tries to find out where the rebels are planning to attack from.  The queen is suspicious of the rebel leader, but the rebel leader tells her  that her mother is plotting with the rebels to rule over the town




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HD Online Player (Mad Max: Fury Road Full Mp4 Movie Free Downloadgolkes) jamelaws

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